Products & Services


The PILLAR 5 GROUP has extensive experience in the delivery of consulting services targeted at developing, promoting, stimulating and supporting clients in setting up and running their businesses, which involves the following:

Coaching & Mentoring Program

This is part of our programme in which we train up-and-coming business professionals on strategy relating to the developmental and economic growth their business.

Advertising Platforms

We support individuals in developing advertising, and marketing strategies geared to specific target markets and help them refine their business profiles.

Business Consultancy Services

We establish: a description of a business; definition of business strategies and policies; creation, improvement and maintenance of business processes; collection of business and user requirements; feasibility studies; vision documents and business case modeling.

Brand Development

We provide a well-organized and structured brand development strategy. We also facilitate enhanced networking opportunities geared towards enabling and developing new partnerships.

Publishing Services

We develop strategies in publishing our clients/customers brands, products and businesses so as to gain more market attention and maximize profit.

Empowerment Call Centre

We provide a Business Support Call Centre, operating from Elsies River, Cape Town. We have 15 qualified individuals who are interns from Northlink College. These 15 Call Centre Agents are qualified in the the following fields: business management. financial management, marketing & sales, as well as legal secretaries.