Our Value To Your Organisation

Here’s how we aim to add value to your organisation:

              To Generate New Business Opportunities

The Pillar 5 Group is experienced in developing successful tenders and proposals. We can either edit or proof the documentation you provide or we can manage the entire response production process for you. We will identify the various requirements for the tender or proposal, create the template and structure, and then liaise with your experts to source the necessary information.

              Business Processes Documentation

In the modern business climate it is imperative that you have quality business process forms and documentation to enable succession planning, identify process improvements and to meet regulatory obligations. The Pillar 5 Group can produce technical documentation, including detailed schematic diagrams and flowcharts, to comprehensively document your existing processes and procedures.

              Research & Reporting

Good decision-making is dependent on good data. The Pillar 5 Group can undertake research on your behalf and collate the findings into a logical, structured report that provides clear, evidence-based outcomes. Consulting with stakeholders and reviewing the relevant literature, The Pillar 5 Group can produce a comprehensive report that will put you in the most informed position to make your decisions.


“People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people.”