Group Directors

The Pillar 5 Group is made out of 3 entrepreneurs with over 15 years combined experience in initiating, facilitating, executing, managing and monitoring business development interventions.

Henry “Cole” Davids – Chief Executive Officer

Is a seasoned and self-propelled entrepreneur, a visionary with a cultured and inclusive 360 degree leadership ethic. His inclusive socio-economic ideals is borne out by principles he lives by in his endeavors to contribute towards a continental transformation towards a developmental agenda. Cole is a strong leader, team player with proven ability to lead by example, work independently and interact with diverse stakeholders. He is the founder of Youth Unplugged, National Project Manager for Tehillah Community Collaborative and consults to a number of Corporates, Civil Society and Governmental departments on matters ranging from youth development to commerce. He is also an International Motivational speaker and Life Coach. 

Lester Philander – Director: Public Relations

Marked out for the business world since youth through his participation in the Junior Achievement programme, Lester Philander qualified to write the Cambridge International Examinations, earning a first prize for Economics and Business Economics and was also awarded the coveted Yvonne Parfitt Bursary. Philander is now a well-known entrepreneur, the owner of Essential Candles, PHL Consulting, The West Coast Call Centre and PhilMark to name a few. He is a business coach, public speaker, radio presenter and soon to be published author.