The PILLAR 5 GROUP is a leading Business Development Group with a strong focus on entrepreneurial support. Our aim is to deliver superior strategic content and provide brand support to aspiring entrepreneurs and young innovators seeking to expand into international markets and rise to the top echelons of their respective industries. The Group is committed to unlocking opportunities for collaboration and regional integration by providing enterprise development and support.

The PILLAR 5 GROUP draws on the extensive experience of its founders in entrepreneurship and inclusive economic development. The Group is equipped to engage with entrepreneurs in a variety of contexts having worked with a range of clients including co-operatives, SMMEs, micro-entrepreneurs, NGOs, social enterprises and informal traders. In addition, the team at Pillar 5 is multi-cultural, enabling us to engage with entrepreneurs across the socio-economic spectrum. Our strategies are founded on consultative, interactive and evidence-based practices, the ultimate objective of which is aimed at achieving sustained reductions in youth unemployment.

Through the use of integrated state-of-the-art strategies for generating employment, our activities responds to a pressing social need, and correspondingly, provides a significant boost to the economy. The Pillar 5 Group realizes that, from a business standpoint, no resource is as important as the human resource.